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Joey PriXx


Owner of Superficial and Master Piercer

As a child Joey and his mother used to watch plastic surgery shows and Joey would dream of becoming a plastic surgeon when he grew up. With a continued fascination with plastic surgery, he discovered a passion for body piercing 10 years ago. Helping his clients enhance their appearance and leaveing them with a sparkle, and a smile is what he love's to do. 

 Joey strive's to customize each client with a individualized image. With a passion for body piercing and body modification, Joey has a creative eye & surgical approach to each and every procedure.

Instagram @joeyprixx



Junior Piercer

Maggie has been in the body modification industry for three years. For the last two year's she has been apprenticing under Joey PriXx earning the title of Junior Piercer a year ago and a half ago. 

Maggie enjoys dead thing's and spending time with her three cat's.  

Instagram @SpookyMagee



Manager/Piercing Assistant 

Tina has only been working in The Body Modification industry for Less than two years but has already caught on quick to the industry standards.  Tina loves all that is spooky.  A collector of bad horror movies and Funko Pop's.

Instagram @Tina2step



Guest Experience Expert 

Colleen is a long-time client and friend of Joey PriXx. She has always loved getting piercings and new jewelry changes, and especially loves bringing in her friends for the “Joey PriXx Experience”. 

With a significant background in customer service, management, and fine jewelry experience, she brings her knowledge of gemstones and jewelry to the sparkling world of Superficial. Colleen has a passion for medicine and energy work, and she is thrilled to be a client experience expert at Superficial. 



Guest Experience Expert

Marissa is currently studying Marketing with a concentration in Social Media Advertising at The University of Phoenix. She enjoys painting, cooking, and spending time with her two adorable cats.

 Rose gold jewelry and fuzzy sweaters are just some of her favorite items. Marissa is new to the world of body modification, but VERY excited to learn more about the industry! She hopes to bring her sense of humor and experience in client relations to Superifical Modspa.




Guest Experience Expert

Taylor has been working in the tattoo industry for almost two years and has recently branched out into the body modification industry. She has a passion for anything that sparks her creativity.

Taylor enjoys drawing and spending her free time by the ocean. She has an extensive background in customer service and management with an artistic approach to the finer details. Taylor is a lover of the little things in life and she enjoys making others laugh.