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PriXx Life

PriXx Life Episode 1 

Join me on a comical adventure piercing Elizabeth's tongue!!

PriXx Life Episode 2

 I bedazzle my little pin cushion Ali! Ali gets her back dimples pierced & talks about her PriXx experiences!

PriXx Life Expisode 3

My favorite twins are back! Elizabeth's tongue is healing up great and Sarah gets hers done this episode! Love these girls :)

PriXx Life Episode 4

Taylors Bo-Ho PriXx Over

PriXx Life Episode 5

Sam gets a Nasallang! 

PriXx Life Episode 6

Meet Mary & Janine, Joey PriXx Masterpieces, & follow them as they get some unique piercings done!


The Real boobs of New Jersey 

Season 4 Episode 13